Call me petty, but when I received a gorgeous shirt as a gift recently, I was a little disappointed because two Jeep tags were sewn onto the front of the shirt. (Green tags nogal!)

Chrysler consistently ranks at or near the bottom of fleet fuel economy rankings in the United States, and Jeeps are the thirstist vehicles in the Chrysler stable. Some Jeeps are rated at more than 21 liters per 100 kilometres. (4.7 kms/l or 11 miles/gallon.) They definitely have not earned their green tags.

I’d rather not walk around in a shirt that adds any cachet to the Jeep brand, but I didn’t want to waste a beautiful shirt. So I solved this problem with the help of a stitch-ripper, a handy tool that should be a part of any sewing kit. Without the green tags, my shirt is so much greener.