My Green Home Guide To Globes

Let’s start at the very beginning

Not sure of the difference between incandescent and halogen globes? Wondering where to use LEDs, and where CFLs are better? (Or still confused which is which?) Do MR-16 and GU-10 sound like the names of weapons to you?

Have no fear. I have just written a five-page, illustrated Guide to Globes for the My Green Home website that will clear away the confusion. It has eight simple buying recommendations according to the following common situations:

• Replacing 60 watt incandescent bulbs
• Replacing 100 watt incandescent bulbs
• Replacing low-voltage, MR-16 halogen downlights
• Replacing mains-voltage, GU-10 halogen downlights
• Replacing downlights on a dimmer
• Installing security lights
• Buying new ceiling fixtures
• Replacing standard bulbs in enclosed fixtures

Although LEDs are usually the best option, in some situations other globes make more sense. The guide also shows what to look for when reading the complicated labels on bulbs. And it is essential reading if you are shopping for fixtures, so that you buy those best-suited to energy-efficient globes.

At My Green Home, the Ngewana family has cut the electricity going to their lighting by 74 percent with this kind of advice. I would say that the Guide to Globes will pay for itself very quickly, but it’s free. Read the Guide to Globes here.