June 2015

Global Warming19 Jun 2015 03:31 pm


The first five months of this year have been significantly hotter than any previous year on record, according to all three of the main agencies that monitor global temperatures. Bloomberg’s article on this news includes an amazing—and frightening—animated graphic that makes the historical changes in climate clearer than anything I have seen before. The image above is just a screenshot; click on this link to the article in order to see the graphic in action as it speeds from a cool 1880 to sizzling 2015 in 29 seconds.

Pool01 Jun 2015 03:12 pm

Pool full of Coal

Winter is here, so as usual I’m reducing the hours my pool pump runs, to 1 hour a day. This time, however, I also made a change to ease the pressure on the Eskom grid that leads to load shedding. I set the pump to run after midnight, the one time of day when Eskom has adequate power. Since my pump only uses 175 watts, it’s a small contribution, but every bit helps. I couldn’t do this if I had to worry that noise from the pump would disturb the sleep of my neighbours. Fortunately, my variable-speed pool pump is whisper-quiet, so that’s not a concern.