I am a journalist who has lived in Johannesburg since 1995. For the past twenty years, I have written for international magazines and reported for U.S. radio networks. The subjects that I have covered include business, economics, international affairs, culture, and wildlife conservation. More recently, I have written for some local publications such as FairLady and the Mail & Guardian on such topics as recycling, heating your home without warming the globe, and shopping for fish without contributing to overexploitation of the seas.

Writing about consumer environmentalism is quite new to me. Living it is not. I grew up in a house with rows of recyling bins in the garage and solar panels front wall. Today, I try to live the green life, from the bamboo floors under my feet to the hot-water solar panels over my head. In the past few years I have cut my electricity consumption by 35 percent. I often fail; I often compromise. But I try, I research, I experiment in my never-ending quest to make my household greener.

Once I have found something that works, it frustrates me not to share it. Eventually, I became so frustrated that I started this blog, Greener House, to share my discoveries with anyone who would listen, and to create a gathering place for equally concerned South Africans to contribute their own ideas.

By the way, if you follow classical music in Johannesburg and have heard of (or heard) a tenor with the same name, that’s me too.

Unless otherwise noted, all photographs appearing on www.greenerhouse.co.za are by Don Boroughs and are copyrighted. They may not be copied for use without permission. You can email me at [email protected] .